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Robust Control in Power Systems (Power Electronics and Power Systems



Bikash Pal, Balarko Chaudhuri "Robust Control in Power Systems (Power Electronics and Power Systems)"
Springer | Number Of Pages:190 | 2005-06-21 | ISBN: 038725949X | PDF | 7 Mb

Robust Control in Power Systems deals with the applications of new techniques in linear system theory to control low frequency oscillations in power systems. The book specifically focuses on the analysis and damping of inter-area oscillations in the systems which are in the range of 0.2-1 Hz. The damping control action is injected through high power electronic devices known as flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) controllers. Three commonly used FACTS controllers: controllable series capacitors (CSCs) controllable phase shifters (CPSs) and static var compensators (SVCs) have been used in this book to control the inter-area oscillations.

The overview of linear system theory from the perspective of power system control is explained through examples. The damping control design is formulated as norm optimization problem. The H_infinity, H2 norm of properly defined transfer functions are minimized in linear matrix inequalities (LMI) framework to obtain desired performance and stability robustness. Both centralized and decentralized control structures are used.

Usually the transmission of feedback signal from a remote location encounters delays making it difficult to control the system. Smith predictor based approach has been successfully explored in this book as a solution to such a problem.

Robust Control in Power Systems will be valuable to academicians in the areas of power, control and system theory, as well as professionals in the power industry.

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Hadi Saadat, "Power System Analysis "


Mg-H College| 1998 | ISBN: 0075616343 | 697 pages | PDF | 116 MB

This text is intended for undergraduates studying power system analysis and design. It gives an introduction to fundamental concepts and modern topics with applications to real-world problems. This is the first text in this area to fully integrate MATLAB and SIMULINK throughout. It also provides students with an author-developed POWER TOOLBOX DISK organized to perform analyses and explore power system design issues with ease.






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David Halliday. Fundamentals of physics, Fifth edition


ISBN 0471105589 | The University of Pittsburgh Robert Resnick Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Jearl Walker Cleveland State University
Copyright 1997 | 1333 pages + 43 chapters (Appendices) | PDF | 26 MB + 22 MB (Archives are independent)

The fifth edition of Fundamentals of Physics is supplemented by a comprehensive ancillary package carefully developed to help teachers teach and students learn.

Instructor's Manual by J. RICHARD CHRISTMAN: U.S. Coast Guard Academy. This manual contains lecture notes outlining the most important topics of each chapter, as well as demonstration experiments, and laboratory and computer exercises; film and video sources are also included. Separate sections contain articles that have appeared recently in the American Journal of Physics and The Physics Teacher.

Instructor s Solutions Manual by JERRY J. SHI, Pasadena City College: This manual provides worked-out solutions for all the exercises and problems found at the end of each chapter with the text. This supplement is available only to instructors

book ~ Fundamentals of physics (26 MB)

43 chapters ~ The appendix with formulas (22 MB)

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Quantum Optics and Fundamentals of Physics (Fundamental Theories of Physics)


Springer | ISBN: 0792330005 | 1994-07-31 | PDF | 352 pages | 61 Mb

This book deals with the contemporary development of quantum theory from the point of view of quantum optics. The fundamentals of quantum theory are presented, with particular attention being given to the quantum theory of measurement. General coherent states are adopted as the most important theoretical tool for the description of the interaction of optical fields with matter. Quantum theory predicts various nonclassical phenomena, such as squeezing of vacuum fluctuations, photon antibunching, sub-Poisson photon statistics, collapses and revivals of atomic motion, etc. These quantum effects can be observed, together with violation of various classical and Bell's inequalities, using photon interference and correlation techniques. This is demonstrated by experiments involving single-photon and two-photon interferences, squeezed and sub-Poisson light and twin photons produced by frequency down conversion. All these results are in agreement with quantum theory and they confirm the wave--particle duality of a photon and the `nonlocal' features of quantum theory. For research workers in quantum mechanics, quantum theory, quantum optics and electronics, optical communications, optoelectronics, photonics and nonlinear optics, optical processing and computing.

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